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Variable Height Bundle Palletizer

CAMotion Inc. introduces a Variable Height Bundle Palletizing solution to the printing industry for the end of bindery lines. The stacker robot gripper lowers down over bundle at the bundle lift and pick up stations to grap bundles. Bundles are held by the tooling during each bundle pick until a desireable stack height is formed for drop off. The tooling is easily adjustable to handle bundles ranging in size from 5" x 7" to 9" x 11" with a locking turn screw. Bundles are supported from the bottom and sides during the stack building process.

  • (1) High speed Palletizing robot
  • (1) Bundle measurement station
  • (1) Bundle elevating conveyor
  • (1) Bundle accumulation conveyor
  • (1) Variable height stacking station
  • (1) Stack pick up station
  • (1) Auto indexing pallet dispenser
  • (1) Pallet elevator
  • (1) Full pallet acumulation conveyor
  • Optional Stretch wrapper