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RTOptimizer™ Energy Reduction Systems


Using proven technologies, the RTOptimizerTM captures the wasted "excess" heat energy created during the VOC incineration and returns the thermal energy to the production process as "re-heated make-up air" to the dryer equipment. The result is a supply of clean air that has been heated to temperatures near that required for "drying" to occur. The dryer gas burner will then "turn-down" accordingly, which translates into fuel cost savings. In currently operating dryer air pre-heat systems fuel (NG) cost reductions of up to 60% are obtainable.


  1. Ambient air is supplied to the dryer process
  2. RTOptimizer™ preheats dryer make-up air
  3. Dryer burner supplied remaining heat required for process
  4. VOC laden exhaust air ducted to RTO
  5. RTO incinerates VOC's
  6. RTOptimizer™ captures heat from RTO exhaust
  7. Combined process/oxidizer exhaust vented to atmosphere at significantly lower temperature